Hey everyone.

Sorry I let the blog go for so long without updating. We landed back home around the beginning of July and between odd jobs, taking some classes, and being all around just down and out about the trip ending, I just really haven't put much effort into maintaining the blog. I should have a full recap of the trip coming in the next week or so, mostly highlighting favorite areas, best hikes, miles driven, and some other fun stats. I've shot a few things since being back home so I'll also have some other updates to follow.

Also, since I really put some gear through torture tests while I was out there I'll have a review on the F-stop Loka, 3 Legged thing tripod, and maybe some shoes ; )

I also have put together some portfolio boxes custom made in Philly. Despite the horrible turnaround time and not exactly getting what I ordered they turned out pretty well, so it may be of interest to some of you. Full review on that whole process also.

I'm not going to get too deep into our future plans, but we've been discussing everything from just picking up and moving out west, to teaching overseas, or even taking off to New Zealand if I can find a job there (seems to be one of the only places that accepts Americans). Right now we're just in a time on uncertainty and no clear direction, which we were prepared for when we left our jobs last year. It's a bit scary but we'll figure it out, we always do ; )

Before I go I just want to thank all of you that have followed our trip and hopefully it may inspire you to take some chances in life. This experience has changed my life forever. It was great meeting so many of you on the road and we won't forget your hospitality so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! I'll leave you with a video and a few photos. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next blog, it should be a doozy ; )



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