Minnesota. Land of 10,000 Lakes....and that's about it.

Hello again!!!! We've landed in Minnesota after a brief little stay in Wisconsin and the Apostle Islands. The Apostle Islands turned out to be very much like Pictured Rocks but just not as grand. Unfortunately, all of the cool stuff needs to be accessed by kayak/boat and all the places were pretty much closed down for the season so we had to basically just explore the mainland. The town of Bayfield was very cute and quaint and we spent a few hours walking around exploring. There was a nice little boat harbor that we went and hung out at one evening.
We really liked our campsite here. Free wifi and power. Bathrooms and showers were also very clean except it was $1.50 for a 5 minute shower.
After we left Wisconsin we landed in Minnesota to visit Split Rock Lighthouse and Gooseberry Falls for a few days.
The lighthouse was very very cool. Pain in the ass construction and paving going on in the park made life a nightmare every time we went though.
We went to Gooseberry Falls earlier in the day. It was an alright place. Lots of people but still pretty cool. Melinda read while I walked around and took photos.
Before we headed out last night we went drove into Deluth to check out Canal Park. It was very nice. A bunch of lighthouses and huge shipping boats that would come into the harbor and go under this crazy road/bridge that would rise straight up on a track and let them go under it before going back down. The boats were HUGE. Also, home of Uncle Harvey's Mausoleum. Look it up, it's weird.
Deluth was very cool all lit up at night. We grabbed some caramel corn and a soda from the little street vendor and rolled back to camp to get some sleep before we headed out this morning.
We are in Glacial Lakes State Park for tonight and then gonna head to The Corn Palace in South Dakota for another one night layover. We should be in Badlands, South Dakota by Sunday so hopefully some cool stuff will come of that. Sorry to cut the blog short. Battery is low and we need to go get an oil change ; ) Stay tuned everyone. Hope all is well!


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