Goodbye Page, Hello Flagstaff

Hi everyone. We left Page yesterday and drove about 90 minutes south to Flagstaff. Not too much to do here but it's a little layover until we head to Sedona. Getting the oil changed today and having the tires checked. We've put some serious miles on the car since we left. I think we are closing in on 10,000 miles driven in about a month and a half. Before we left Page we visited Lower Antelope Canyon. It's supposed to be a little less hectic and photographers get 2 hours inside and can lag behind the group. We were on the first tour through in the morning. It was so much better than Upper. I actually could take my time a relax. No need to worry about people running into me, or not setting up fast enough then having to move to the next area. Melinda had to stay with the group since the photo pass is only for one person. Our tour guide was pretty cheesy and kept hitting on some girl in the tour. Pretty obvious about it too. At least he provided some entertainment for Melinda while I was trailing behind.
We also visited Lonely Dell Ranch in Lee's Ferry. It was a nice little walk. There is a random orchard that you come upon during the walk. It's odd since you're surrounded by dry land with dirt and sand everywhere and out of nowhere there's green grass and lush trees. Melinda turned into an Elk.
We also went on a pretty sweet hike through Cathedral Wash. It's a large canyon that leads out to the Colorado River. The tricky thing is that there is no marked trail and it's up to you to find your way through. We ended up crawling under huge overhangs, scrambling up and down slickrock, jumping over huge mud and water holes, and turning around 2 or 3 times to get around gigantic drops. We eventually made it and then had to basically run back because the sun was going down ; ) Before we left the park we took a short drive up the road to see these crazy balanced rocks.
Before we left we also decided to go back to Horseshoe Bend one more time for sunset. We had already gone for a sunset and a sunrise but the skies were clear and the light sucked. When we woke up and saw clouds in the sky we had some hope and they ended up hanging around the rest of the day so about an hour before sunset we hiked back up to the bend. When we pulled up, the dreaded tour bus was in the lot. We've come to hate the tour buses. They are usually filled to the brim with idiots. Loud, obnoxious idiots. They are all hyper and loud and usually aren't watching what they are doing. I had one shooting over top of my shoulder the previous night and she was in such a hurry that she ended up tripping and busting her ass about 5 feet from the edge when she went running to find a different angle. While I was setting up I had somebody come over and call my name. I turned and it was one of the photographers I had met at Mesa Arch about a week prior. Pretty random but very cool. We chatted for a bit before the sun started going down. Luckily the clouds played nice and made for some great skies.
We are only here in Flagstaff for 2 days so I'll post an update once we make it to a few other places. Hopefully Sedona is warmer than Flagstaff. We went from 85 degree days back to the 50's again ; ) Hope all is well back home everyone. Talk to you soon!


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