Lazy Day Post

Well Melinda is sleeping so I figured to kill some time I'd throw some photos up and also a quick little update. We are in Page, Arizona. It's hot and the hours of the day are odd. They don't observe daylight savings time so it gets dark about 545 and the sunrises pretty early. Kind of throwing us off. We are now 3 hours behind Maryland. Before we left Moab we drove out to Goblin Valley State Park. I thought the formations would be pretty sweet but when I got there I was kind of let down. Plus, we finished hiking a little slot canyon early and it was still a good 4 hours until the sun went down so we just shot for about 30 minutes and went back to camp. The slot canyon was pretty cool though. I'll add some other shots when I find the energy to get off my butt and grab the point and shoot out of the car. Here's a few shots from Little Wild Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley
The next day we left and made the drive to Page. It felt like it took forever. The roads were long, straight, and pretty much void of any civilization. The campground here is decent. They have a pool so we may go swimming over the weekend. Yesterday we went on the tours for Antelope and Canyon X. I originally had Antelope scheduled for yesterday and Canyon X for today but they called and said that they were only being offered as a combo instead of being able to do each separate. I was still told that it was the "photo" tour which gives you ample time in each place for photos. Well they basically blew smoke up my ass. Upper Antelope was a nightmare. I had one hour instead of the normal two for photographers and I had to fight a ton of crowds and other groups all crammed in this place being herded through like cattle. I was pissed. I almost packed up my gear and walked out at one point. Every time I got setup we had to move. I will say Canyon X was much nicer. We were the only group there but instead of the 5-6 hours of time you would normally get on the advertised tour, I had about 60-70 minutes. Still, it was much nicer than the chaos that was at Antelope. Melinda and I had a pretty cool guide and met two girls from California named Sophia and Cheryl who were cool to hang out and chat with during our adventure (If you're reading this sorry if I spelled your names wrong). It was nice having a small group instead of being shoved in the back of the other tour trucks with a dozen or so other people. It just looked uncomfortable.
Since we did both tours yesterday we decided to book a Hopi Indian Village tour today. The people we booked through had awesome ratings from New York Times, Traveler Magazine, and whatever other major news/travel companies are out there. We thought we would do the full day tour. We woke up at 5 a.m or so and drove about 140 miles to the Hopi Cultural Center where we were supposed to meet our guide. We were about 30 minutes early so we had to hang out for a bit. We were supposed to meet at 9 a.m. Fast forward to 945 and still no guide. No phone call, nobody picking up at the office, nothing. We did see about 35 stray dogs in the lot while we were waiting. By that time we were both pretty pissed so we drove allllll the way back to camp which brings us to now. After I'm done writing this we are going to head out and do some hiking if we can find the energy and possibly try Lower Antelope Canyon one morning. Next blog should be more interesting but I just needed to pass the time for a bit ; ) Stay tuned ; )


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