The Baddest Lands Around

Hello again everybody, We just left Badlands National Park and have made our way to Custer State Park to explore Needles Highway and see Mt. Rushmore and Crazyhorse. Took us a bit to find a campground that was fully functional but we eventually found one. Full power, wifi, showers, bathrooms, and Laundry. Here's what we were up to in the Badlands. It took us a little bit to get there and also down some crazy roads
After some wrong turns and lots of coffee we finally made it.
As you can see, our campsite was in a pretty picturesque area. We drove around after unhooking and we were greeted by some incoming rain showers.
The scene was pretty breathtaking. It's a lot different seeing something like this in person than in a book or on the computer. The sheer scale is overwhelming.
We went exploring a little more and went down a little side road where all sorts of different wildlife reside. We saw everything from buffalo, to prairie dogs, and big horned sheep. The buffalo were basically right next to our car. It was a bit scary at times.
We were also being watched ^^^^ : P We headed out for sunset that night and all was calm with some distant storms in the horizon. Right when I was about to take a shot, it started to get a bit windy, then really windy, then REALLY REALLY WINDY!!! I wasn't in the safest area as I had only about 2 square feet around me before a drop off that would have ended me pretty quick. I took a few shots as it started raining, Melinda came and grabbed my camera bag, and we booked it back to the car. By this time is was just about pouring. The wind was so strong you could lean into it and let it hold you. It made for some killer light though.
The next day we went to the famous Wall Drug. We got coffee for a nickel and a sweet ass vanilla doughnut
Then we acted like children. We're pretty good at that.
We headed back and ventured out for more photo taking. This was a ladder on one of the trails. .
We found a cool little turn and waited for some cars to ride by and do some fun light trails ; )
One last sunrise before a bit more exploring for the day before we left.
I have so many more photos but too much once again for this blog. I'll have the entire series of all the places we've gone back up on my website when we get back for Thanksgiving. It's time for me to go get a nice awesome, hot, heavenly shower right now though so stay tuned for more updates. After we leave here we are going to make our way through Colorado and into Arches. It gonna be a long tough drive but I'm sure it will be worth it. I'll post an update when I can.
Later everyone!!!!!


  1. Looks like an awesome trip so far. The photos are amazing. I'm super proud of you guys for following your dream. Safe adventures.


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