Hey guys, Just made it to Santa Fe, NM. This will be our home for the next week until we start the drive back home for Thanksgiving. It's feels nice knowing in a few weeks we'll be back home for a little break. We are at just about 10,000 miles driven since we left almost two months ago so our butts will thank us for the break. Quick little photo from Flagstaff. We checked out the Wupatki Ruins for a few days and managed to have a pretty little sunset one night. I did leave my sweatshirt in the car though and was kicking myself in the ass as I sat here for 45 minutes waiting for the light to get going.
Got lucky with some great skies

We stayed in Sedona last week. Sedona has the largest concentration of spiritual vortexes in the country. I didn't really see any benefit to them though. I didn't feel any different standing inside one and I still had no cell phone service so I question their usefulness. We went to Cathedral Rock a few times for sunset and did a lot of hiking.
We went to Oak Creek Canyon trail which is supposed to be one of the best in the country. It was nice but we both agreed that while it was very nice, I would say that there are a lot more hikes out there we've enjoyed much more. The sun was pretty harsh all day so photos were a bust but it was still a great way to work up an appetite.

We also went to Senor Bobs hotdog shack a few times. Awesome hotdog combos for a good price. They were absolutely delicious. We went out the night before for my birthday dinner and ended up talking to an older couple for about 45 minutes while we waited to be seated. The husband bought me a beer which was super nice and I had another during dinner. I don't drink at all so the next morning I had a shitty hangover from 2 beers so these dogs hit the mark.

Best wieners ever
After leaving Sedona we headed to the Petrified Forest for a couple days. Lots of crazy colored wood just about everywhere you looked.

House made of petrified wood. A wolf will not be blowing this down
Old car along historic Route 66

We also hiked The Painted Desert wilderness trail which was the only trail in the park that you could actually go off freely and explore. We hiked out about 3 miles and ended up finding some petroglyphs along the way. It was a good hike and the climb back up at the end pretty much destroyed us. After Petrified Forest we made our way into New Mexico. Our first stop was Farmington where we stayed at Mom and Pop's RV camp. It was pretty dumpy but we were only there for a couple days.

Do not stay here....EVER
True that

Our first night we went out to see Shiprock, also know as Tsé Bitʼaʼí. The drive out to it is interesting to say the least. A barely visible dirt road that splits all different ways and has a pretty high center in some areas with huge holes all scattered throughout.

We then ventured into the Bisti Badlands. This place looks like a different world. Crazy hoodoos, mushroom formations, cracked eggs, and rock that looks like fossils of giant prehistoric creatures. We ended up spending about 2 1/2 days there and I think we probably hiked close to 15 miles if not more. It's free to get into, sees less than 1000 visitors a year so you basically have it to yourself, and is just waiting to be explored. We ended up just camping in the parking lot last night since we decided to be there for sunset and it just made more sense since it was closer to Santa Fe so it cut some time off our drive this morning. I think this place is probably my favorite spot we've been to so far. It's gonna be a spot we return to a lot. I didn't get too many shots from this place since it's too large and spread out that it will take a while to figure out where to be and when. I really wish I was a few states closer.

While adventuring this park the best way to navigate was to look for these two large red mounds as one landmark and then two black topped mounds called "Black Boobs" as your other landmark. They are big enough to see from just about anywhere you are. The place is just massive though. I think in our 20 hours of being there we probably saw a 1/4 of what is inside the park. We did flounder about the first day until we realized how deep we had to get into the park before the really crazy shit started to reveal itself. Just can't say enough about this place. Endless photo and exploring opportunities.

Getting ready to head out

Waiting for the sun to go down for the shot above

Really cool area that looked like huge dinosaur bones. I'd like to revisit this area since there is some great photo potential

More odd things

Middle of Nowhere

Starting an early morning hike

Here's our little camp spot from last night. It was chilly but we made it through. Wish I could put more photos up but maybe when we get back home I'll make a little post just for this area. Probably another update in a few days before we head back home. Take care everyone and see you soon ; )



  1. Those hot dogs look awesome. Probably your best work to date.

    Jesus is watching Adult Video? Lucky for me I dont travel out west too much... sounds crazy.

    Be safe, and dont forget to vote!

    1. Thanks Dan, miss you buddy. We'll be home for about a week around the 15th so I'll give you a shout and see if we can swing by.


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