Hey guys, This will probably be my last post before we get home. We are leaving Santa Fe tomorrow and making our way back home for Thanksgiving. We should be home for about 10 days or so and then we are going to head back out until Xmas. I'll keep this blog short since the internet at camp is pretty bad here. So we started off exploring Santa Fe by checking out some of the old Pueblo ruins that seem to be everywhere around here. The first one was Pecos Pueblo. The area itself is still in relatively great shape considering its age
Our first time in a real Kiva also, this is when I became addicted to these things. So fun to shoot. I think it's the simple geometry and great light. Just a nice quiet experience.
We also drove the High Road to Taos. It's about a 60 mile scenic drive to the Taos Pueblo with a bunch of old churches scattered about along the way.
Taos Pueblo is still lived in and the residents basically make their money of the tourist by selling their crafts and pottery.
Back in Santa Fe we went and visited a few churches around town. I'll have the photos on my site when we make it back home. We noticed an older man on the side of the road sitting on a curb carving some wooden crosses. We went up and talked to him for about 20 minutes. Super nice guy, down on his luck. We bought a few crosses from him and gave him more than what he wanted for them. He was very grateful and let me take a photo.
We also managed to find a sushi place here. Sushi and New Mexico is not something you would think would make a great combo but it was some of the best sushi we have ever had.
We also went and visited Bandelier National Monument. They have a large amount of cave dwellings and also another kiva there.
At the end of the trail to get to the kiva, you have to climb 4 fairly high ladders up the side of this huge cliff.
When we reached the top, the light was fairly harsh on the outside of the kiva itself but the inside was what I was interested in. Climbed in, threw some dirt, and let the light do its thing.
Today is our last day here so headed to Tent Rocks National Monument. We waited until today since we were supposed to have some cloud cover and it would make shooting easier.
Found this cool group of rocks and since we were having some nice cloud movement I did a few long exposures. This is the only one I've processed for the day. Being near the end of the trip I'm super back logged on photos as this point so I'll try and catch up when we get home and post another update doing a 2 month review with photos and all of our stats (how many gallons of coffee we drank, how many chicken nuggets we ate, etc)
Should be home by next Wednesday or Thursday so I'll see everyone in about a week. Looking forward to some awesome juicy turkey ; P


  1. Hey guys, enjoy the trip home, but be carefull! Loved the cobalt blue sky on several photos. Very cool shots.



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