It's Cold, We're Leaving

Helloooo, Here's a quick little post of some stats from our first trip along with some photos. Heading to South Carolina tomorrow for a few days and then we'll be in Florida for a few weeks. We'll be home for Christmas and then we are headed back out west.

Days gone: 57

Total miles driven: 13,098

Money spent on Diesel: $1415.54

Gallons used: 338.654

Avg. price per gal: $4.17

Avg. MPG: 38.67 (Not too bad for pulling a trailer)

Coffee ounces consumed: 1,464

Granola Bars: 64

Pop Tarts: 92

Packs of Crackers: 21

Cup of Noodles: 21

Cheeseburgers: 27

Orders of fries: 23

Chicken Nuggets: 110

Breakfast sandwiches: 46

Packs of Ramen: 24

Camping cost: 1536.59

Avg per night: 26.95

We spent too much on McDonalds so we are going to completely cut out any and all fast food this time around. Way too much wasted money. We also won't be pulling our trailer and will be tent camping so we should be able to save quite a bit in gas this time around. We can usually average around 55 mpg on the highway so that will help a lot.

I will say that I have no regrets leaving my job. Even if we only planned on being gone these 2 months I would say it's been worth it. This trip is going to be something we remember for the rest of our lives and I'm proud that we busted our asses and saved enough money to be able to do this. We've met some great people, visited some kick ass places, and managed not to kill each other while living in a teardrop trailer. I've also come to the conclusion that I need to move out west ; )

So I'll hopefully have an update in a few days. It will be nice to shoot some coastal stuff again. I have a soft spot in my heart for the seascapes. Stay tuned!!!!


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