Beaches, Plantations, and Mosquitoes

Hey everyone.

We've made it down to Florida after a short stay in South Carolina. We stayed in Charleston at a nice little campground where we had our own little private campsite away from everyone else. On the drive down we stopped at South of The Border to take a driving break and we tried on a bunch of stupid hats.

Melinda was almost eaten by a hippo

There was quite a lot to see in Charleston and since we only had about 3 days we didn't get to see everything we wanted to but it was still pretty fun. The beaches were pretty and only had a handful of people walking around whenever we went out. We did get a parking ticket the first night which was pretty lame and I still say it wasn't my fault.

I blame the poor signage but it was only 20 bucks so it won't kill us. Here's a few shots of Folly Beach and our "house" for the next few weeks.

We also checked out Botany Bay but the days we were there the road to get to the beach was closed for hunting but the road down was still pretty sweet with a bunch of Live Oaks hanging over the road. We might try and hit this place again on the way back home so we can actually get to the beach.

We went into the city one night and we checked out the Ravenel Bridge. Cool place and nice city. We didn't get to really explore the city so that's another things on our list to revisit.

We also made a quick stop in Georgia at Wormslow Plantation where they filmed part of Forrest Gump.

We then made the long drive down to Fort Lauderdale and arrived at the hotel my sister and brother in-law let us use from some of their extra timeshare points (thankyou!!!!).
Pretty nice change to staying in campgrounds even if it is only for a week.

We went and checked out the Flamingo Gardens where they had all sorts of cool birds.

We've spent the last couple days exploring the everglades. I haven't really processed any photos so they can wait until the next blog post but I will say alligators are as common as squirrels. It's crazy.

We also had to skip a few of the trails because the mosquitoes were so bad. We got out of the car and we got about 15 bites in about 30 seconds. Then we were still killing them as we were driving away. Everyone of them exploded with awesome gooey blood so they seemed like they've been eating well so I wandered why they still found the need to feed on us.

We went on a 15 mile bike ride today around one part of the park. It was nice but you had to watch where you where going so you didn't have your leg taken off.

We still aren't too sure where we are heading next. Gonna just wing it. The campsites are crazy expensive the further south you go. Expensive like 55 dollars a night for a tent site expensive which is just stupid. We might cut Florida a little short and stay at some places back up north before we head home for the holidays. Should have another update in a few days so stay tuned. Bye everyone ; )


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