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Hey everyone,

Sorry that I've been slacking with the blog updates. After the first week out we really didn't have access to wifi and when we did it didn't work for more than 5 minutes. We made it back home this afternoon and will be home for a couple weeks. Going to be heading back out west after the new year so we have quite a bit of planning to do. Gonna keep this blog pretty short since it would take me forever to recap the last 3 weeks.

Our initial plan to stay in Florida fell through since we weren't willing to shell out 65 dollars a night for a tent site with no power or water so we ended heading back up north. Before we left we did go and visit some monkeys at The Monkey Jungle. Basically you walk through this place and you're surrounded by a cage with monkeys crawling around on the other side. They have little cups on chains that they will lower down to you so you can feed them goodies. We just went and found the holes in the fence so we could feed them by hand because they were so damn cute.

After we were done monkeying around...heeeyyooooo...we drove a little further north to check out a beach that I wanted to shoot in St. Augustine, Fl. Apparently the Mystery Gang was on some sort of mission while we were there.

So we headed out to Washington Oaks Garden State Park, which is where a very interesting beach awaited. I shot here for three days straight, pretty much all day and until the park ranger came and kicked me out. I had to thank Melinda for having the patience to wait for me while I ran around in the ocean like an idiot. I would come back soaked from head to toe every time and had about 6 pairs of wet socks that ended up making the car smell pretty sweet. I still have a bunch of shots to process but here's a quick few.


Here's one from the newly acquired 90mm TS-E. Super sharp lens and good for reach and alternate framing possibilities. Can't believe I waited so long to add this to my bag. Lens is killer.

The last afternoon we were there, the sunset was pretty much non-existent. It was rainy and cloudy. I said the hell with it and threw the ultrawide on and hopped my ass into the ocean and got nice and upclose to the incoming waves. The water there is crazy rough because of the way the rocks lay in the ocean. I was soaked from head to toe. Camera was still working at the end and got away with some good stuff. You can see how rough the water was here.

So here's where we washed all my soggy clothes after all my fun.

We left Florida and made our way to Jekyll Island in Georgia. It's basically a little town on a tiny little island. Pretty much deserted and it had a really nice campground. Minus the little bastard kids running around the last night screaming at midnight and then again at 5 in the morning. If they were mine I would have beat their asses, but then again, you can't do that these days so it's probably better I don't ; )

Here's a photo for you, that's all you get. I haven't gone through anything from there yet so you get nothing else. Cry about it.

So after Georgia it was back to South Carolina where we camped near Botany Bay. I couldn't get to the beach last time because it was closed for hunters or hunger games or something. This time I had 2 good solid days there. The place was awesome.

Oh! and the shells....AMAZING. Except you couldn't take any. It's a 470 dollar fine (just make it 500 for Christ's sake) if you get caught taking shells. I was looking around and just as I was saying we could probably get away with taking one, a ranger came out from the woods with binoculars and a cocky strut. There went my plan to break the law.

The first day was cloudy which lent itself well to some looong exposures.

Sunrise the first morning was a bust. The second morning the sky opened up and played nice. It was a pretty creepy walk out there. It's about a half a mile out through the woods to the beach. Doing it in pitch black was messed up. Felt like I had eyes on me the whole time.

Here's the sky as it started to break.

Then it went off.

Pulled out the 90 again before I left and did a quick long exposure just for something different. I figured the sky was so colorful it would look good smoothed out and the wind was blowing pretty well so those clouds moved nicely.

I walked back soaked, saw a rainbow, grabbed a coffee, then packed up and drove to North Carolina. The Outer Banks were dead. I really didn't take photos. Just tried to relax. We went to the aquarium and pet some sting rays, drove out to the Elizabethan Gardens to see there Xmas lights, and ate a bunch of BBQ.

I decided to shoot a lighthouse there that I never really paid much mind to before. I'm not really sure why because it made for a nice photo. My filters were pretty filthy since I really had no plan on shooting anything so I had a quick wipe down with my shirt and popped off a shot. For you photo nerds this was Big Stopper, .9 soft grad, and .6 soft grad for the sky. 190 cold, boring seconds later I was greeted to this. I was happy and packed up the photo gear for the rest of the time there.

I'll say, the drive home felt much shorter which I attribute to the fact the the last journey home took 36 hours of driving. Also, 340 miles just feels like a short trip to the mall at this point. We have become driving champs ; )

So where to next? Texas, I'm gonna go mess with Texas. After that, we're just gonna keep going west. I'm pumped for Oregon. It's a seascape mecca out there. Also going to hopefully meet up with a fellow photog in California that I met in Colorado a few months back so that should be fun. Maybe a short update before I leave with more photos from some of the places I left out. If not, just check the website in a few weeks for some new content. See you later alligators!


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