We're still alive...

Hey everyone,

Sorry the updates have been on hold for a little while. We ended up staying home a bit longer than we intended after Christmas. Had a bunch of things we needed to take care of. We made some extra money on a painting job and we got our taxes all squared away so we're in pretty good shape. We are just about ready to get back on the road again so we should hopefully be gone by this upcoming weekend (I've said this the past 4 weekends)

I've been shooting a little bit while I've been home and did an engagement shoot for some friends this past Saturday. It was supposed to be around 35 degrees which isn't too bad but it ended up being about 25 and snowing so it was a bit colder than we would have liked. We shot for around an hour and then finally retreated to the warmth of our cars and headed home. Here's a few of the shots we managed to come away with. This was probably one of my favorite engagement shoots to date.

Hope you enjoy the photos and you can look forward to some updates in the very near future.


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