This past week I decided to go out hiking on some local trails that my wife and I frequent during the spring and summer. The trails are quite varied and take you through pine forests, heavily wooded areas, swamps, open fields, and across a river. Photographically there isn't too much there but I needed to get out and shoot something so I decided to go look around. I noticed that the hostas were starting to bloom near the river and in some of the swampy areas of the woods so I thought that they would make nice subjects. The hardest part was finding the correct type. I've added a few photos from hiking around, phone quality sucks but at least it gives you an idea of where I was.

I had all but given up after spending about 5 hours wandering around in the woods, but before I headed back to the car I checked one more area and found a few really nice ones mixed in with the hundred of others that were blanketing the ground. I shot here for two days with a 3 day break in between to let them grow a little more. I went back today but they are now all overgrown and laying on top of each other. There really was a small window of time to shoot these so I'm glad I found them when I did. Below is the area I worked in. Obviously you can see how it was tough to make sense of everything. I'd usually have to wander back and forth in here for an hour before finding a composition I was happy with. Hopefully I'll be updating the blog more now that the weather is getting nicer. There is also a possibility I'll be back out west in May or June so I may have a few cool adventures to share.


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