I went for a little walk today. I'm off of work because it's crazy windy and hovering above power lines with 30mph gusts isn't too safe. Despite the winds, it's a really beautiful day. I decided to go to a location that I have been to probably 40 times. I always go expecting to find nothing, there's a waterfall, but it's pretty much the most unphotogenic waterfall on the face of the earth. I usually just wander around in the woods, get bored, then leave while asking myself why I even bothered to come back here again. Honestly though, my options around here are limited. I mucked about for an hour and took some photos with my phone.

Before I left, I walked over to an open area that usually has some interesting tree with cool little flowers on them during the year. I really wasn't seeing too much at first, but then the sun came out and I caught a bright white tree out of the corner of my eye. The bark picked up the sunlight whenever the clouds moved out of the way and made a pretty cool scene. There were little red flowers that had started to bloom as well so I figured it was worth trying to photograph. I shot for around 20 minutes. Most of the time I was standing around waiting for the sun to move out from behind the clouds and throw some light. I sort of like the photo, it's pretty simple, but I think I like it more because it's the only photo I've taken here that doesn't completely suck. The image is at the bottom after these super inspiring phone photos.


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