As much as I would have loved to photograph these wonderful mountains in a less cliché fashion, the combination of being short on time and unfamiliar with the areas left me with few options. I'm sort of happy that I decided to keep the compositions simple with the main focus on the mountains themselves. No crazy foreground elements, no over the top weather or explosive sky colors. No lightning bolts shooting out of the top into a double rainbow while a unicorn grazes beside me. Just simple images of 2 very photogenic subjects that where kind enough to show me a little personality. I love the pre sunrise color from Mount Shasta. It was a beautiful progression on soft colors that began to appear just before the sun came up. I've never seen a mountain glow like it had a spotlight held over it. I was thankful to experience this moment with my wife as we stood in silence next to one another with the only sound coming from our chattering teeth.

Mount Hood decided to reward me with my patience. I had stood on the shore of Trillium Lake for a good hour before sunset and watched the overcast skies just get heavier and heavier with clouds, killing any chance of anything but flat, boring light. Then, something began to happen, it was almost like the mountain had come to life. The heaviest of the clouds started to blow away from the mountain, while other stayed over the top and began to swirl around the peak. They just sat there, spinning, occasionally fully engulfing the entire mountain and then just as quickly, revealing it again. The sun provided some soft light just before it fully set. It was another truly special and rewarding moment. I was there alone, my wife was bundled up about 1/2 mile away and watching from the comfy and warm car. I just kept looking around, wondering where everyone was, and if I was the only person getting to see what was going on right at that moment. I felt like I was getting my very own special show.


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